How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Having required skills and know how can take you far in the internet business. However, you can start making money rightaway even as a beginner. If you have vacant time, you can convert it to real time income without any investment. I am going to show you practicable ideas you can use to make money online. Some of the benefits of these online jobs are:

If you are tired of surfing the internet without finding genuine online jobs that would guarantee you a decent living, I am here to help you to find the straightforward and uncomplicated ways to make money online without putting in anything. Presently, internet is the hub of opportunities where you can become millionaires even without investing money. There are millions of jobs you can take up and earn appreciable income without heavy budget.

Freedom to from working from 9 to 5 pm everyday

Opportunity of working at your pace and convenience

Opportunity of earning passive income, that is, making money when you are sleeping or on vacation

I have put together step-by-step approach you can use to make money online without paying anything. Here, you will discover some of the easiest ways to make money online without budget.

I am providing for you for free, legitimate websites and apps that give you unlimited access and opportunity to earn a living wage, or even to become a millionaire using your phone or laptop.

What are you waiting for? Take your pen and start reading the practical steps and your dream of making good income online will be a reality.

1. Make Money By Blogging:

To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything with your blog, You can work on any topic of interest and connect with the readers. You can share your views on a certain topic with the public and use any style of writing like information and conversational tone to help readers understand your opinion.

It’s like sharing your life experience that would help others in their life. There are several topics you can pick to write like hobbies, life experiences, share some knowledge, and solve any problem or anything that would make an interesting read.Just make your blog live, and keep updating it regularly. Once your blog is live, you can make money through advertising. There are plenty of other ways to make money online through blogging, but the basic requirement is to have sufficient traffic to your blog.

You can publicize your blog through social media marketing, search engine optimization, and get more readers to your blog. You don’t need to spend money on blogging as Blogger offers free blog creation and hosting for the users.


. Paid to Click PTC Sites

As the name suggests, paid to click jobs are types of jobs that require users to click to get paid for different activities. There are plenty of websites that pay for clicking and help to earn money without any skills or spending hours in writing or coding online.

These paid to click sites offer different advertisements, paid surveys, and plenty of jobs with immediate cashouts to the users. It just takes you to register to a legit site to get paid online. Let us share you some of the genuine pay per click sites as below:

Clixsense (ySense):

ClixSense is now ySense. It is one of the oldest and reliable paid to click advertising program. It offers plenty of ways to earn money through different programs through surveys, pay per click ads, cash offers, and affiliate program. It pays a minimum payout of $1 directly to your bank account. Check here on their official website.


Neobux is one of famous click advertising website which has been operating since 2008. The site pays users through different ways like watching ads, completing surveys, doing short tasks, and a variety of mini-jobs. It doesn’t require you to invest any money to earn online. Click here for the full details.

3. Online Survey Jobs:

There are lots of companies doing research online for various products and finding consumer feedback before or after launch. Online survey jobs allow people to Online survey jobs to make a great source of passive income online and users just need to provide answers to various questions asked in the survey.

There are hundreds of sites offering online surveys to users, but you need to make sure that you get the legit sites that pay real and offer a variety of jobs to users. Some of the best online surveys jobs site that pays well to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything is listed below:


It is one of the largest networks of online surveys that have paid millions of dollars to the members of the website across the world. Swagbucks pay different rewards for playing games, researching the web, watching videos, and online purchases. Click here for the full instruction.


It offers hundreds of surveys online daily. This online survey providers host many online surveys belonging to different companies targeting consumers in demographics, gender, interests, and jobs. It’s a real-quick high paid survey company which have a country-wise domain and listing a huge amount of quality survey campaigns daily. Click here to know how to earn money Toluna surveys.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a modern phenomenon that involves promoting different brands and products to earn money through commissions by selling products. This model of earning works on the mechanism of revenue sharing.

If you sell more products through your network, you will make more money on it. You can earn through any product you like on your website, Facebook page, Instagram page, or any other network which you think is suitable.

There are three parties involved in the Affiliate Marketing process, i.e. the product manufacturer, seller, and the affiliate marketer. Each party has a unique role in affiliate marketing, the product creator to develop the product and offer it on the market to sellers to sell these products.

Every sale gives a commission of 2% to 10% even more making it possible to earn thousands of dollars per month with average sales.

There are many ways to earn through affiliate marketing such as Amazon Associates, eBay (eBay Partner Network), and, ClickBank, CJ (Commission Junction), and so on. All these websites provide legit ways to make money online without investment.

5. Online Freelancing

There are many ways of freelancing. Many teenagers around the world provide their service to the client globally in the exchange of money. All you need to sign up and join the platform. You have plenty of ways to withdraw your funds.

How you will get a project on


This is the largest and reliable platform where you can Make Money Online Without Paying Anything. You just need a few skills to bid for. You will get 8 bids monthly to get hired. If you verify your method then you can have access to 100 bids in 1st month for free. To know how it works just follow the simple instruction:


This is the most frequent platform used by freelancers nowadays. All you need to create a gig to let clients know what services are you willing to provide. You will also describe your rates and all other details including revisions, extra effort, etc in the gig. You can create up to seven gigs at Fiverr.

How you will get sell fiverr gigs?

You need to create a gig using your keywords. The clients will send you a message. You need to be active and be responsive to every text as Fiverr notes the response rate of every freelancer.


This is the high-rated platform for freelancers. If you want to highly paid for the services you offer then Upwork is the best choice for you. The functionalities are quite the same as a freelancer. You need to sign up and make a good profile.

How you will get a project on Upwork?

You will get 20 connects to bid for the project. Every project may consume 2-6 connections. You can also purchase connects at $0.15/connect.

Anyone who is 15 years old can use any freelance market place from the above to work online. This is why freelance platforms are unique. You can make from $100 to $4000 on these platforms as a writer.

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