Amazing Story About An Amazing Lady

Goodness Adeosun-AGAPENGoodness Adeosun is an inspirational individual dared to dream big and she is receiving the results. There is power in belief. She’s someone everyone should know and read about.
Adeosun is making a fortune by turning social negatives into profitable and professional positives.
Her story is a refreshing treatise on determination. It should be noted that much of Adeosun’s success is coming from ”whatever man can do, woman can do also” mentality.
The nurturing her story is giving is going to ignite a favorable turn of events ultimately for aspering entrepreneurs and young girils in our society.
Adeosun’s inspiring story is a testament to the spoils of desire, determination, delayed gratification and a strong belief in ones self.
Lady proudly flaunts her job as a shoemaker, says she is not ashamed of what she does
There is no bad job so long as it is legit and can sustain your livelihood. This is manifested in the life of a lady who is not ashamed to tell the world that she is a shoemaker.
Most nice looking ladies find it extremely difficult to do menial jobs. The educated ones so expect a cozy office job with sumptuous allowances and luxury.
This is not the case for the beautiful Adeosun. Adeosun is a beautiful Nigerian lady who makes necks turn when she passes by.
However, little was known of the job she does; some even, thought she is one of those slay-queens who do hop from one man to the other, from one bed to the other.
Well, after she had shared her profession on Twitter, many were astounded, spellbound and could only admire sheepishly and exclaim ‘WOW’ the umpteenth time.

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