Italian Govt €600 Assistance To Self Employed Workers: Apply Now!

600As you are all aware, Italy’s economic survival plan for the coronavirus outbreak has now been signed into law.

Self-employed and seasonal workers such as commercianti and others can expect a €600 payment for the month of March to help protect them from the fallout as business dries up.
The new decree contains measures to help self-employed workers and to stop companies from laying off employees due to the financial fallout of the coronavirus crisis in Italy
Payments for the self-employed

Processing has started. Here are details of how you can process it.

Contact the CGIL (Sindacato) closer to you. If you are in Latina Province, send the scanned or photographed copies of your documents to:

Required documents

  • The front and back pages of your Permesso di Soggiorno
  • The front and back pages of your Carta Di Identita
  • The front and back pages of your Tessera Sanitaria
  • Your Partita IVA and
  • Your IBAN (Current or Savings Account Numbers

We have chosen to make this article completely free for everyone. Please support our coverage by sending this information to all self-employed workers in Italy so they can quickly process their own as well. Scroll to the bottom for more information.

In Addition, an existing list of at-risk professionals has been expanded to include everyone from truck drivers and hotel staff to cooks and clerks. You can ask your employer, accountant or local tax office (agenzia della entrata) for full details of exactly what you may be eligible for.

For more details, speak to your accountant or local tax office (agenzia della entrata).
The worst affected sectors business can suspend payments of social security and welfare contributions and compulsory insurance payments.
Sectors and businesses deemed most at risk according to the decree include:
  • Tourism businesses, including travel agencies and tour operators
  • Restaurants, ice cream shops, bakeries, bars and pubs
  • Theatres, concert halls, nightclubs, discos and games halls
  • Sports clubs
  • Rental services (such as car or sports equipment rental companies)
  • Nurseries and educational services
  • Museums, libraries, archives, monuments
  • Sports facilities including gyms and swimming pools
  • Amusement and theme parks
  • Lottery and betting offices
The government expects to start collecting these taxes again in May.
As for the coronavirus, you can read all our articles here.
Kind regards,
Editor, Agapen Online, Italy

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