How God Will Visit You In This Month

God will visit youAGAPEN1
Gen. 50:24b  … And God will surely visit you, and bring you out of this land into the land which He swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob. 
These are the words of Joseph, a man that is about to die. He spoke here for time and eternity. He told them about the future that God will surely visit Israel.
Though Israel was blessed in Egypt, that was not the fulfillment of the prophesy because there was so much more God will do.
Today, I want to help you to prepare because when preparation meets divine visitation there will be immense glory and blessing, that is, you will never be the same again.
God gives us promises so that through such promises we can apprehend the promises. When God wants to get something done, sometimes He can use something good or bad to His glory. He could use the devil, people or circumstances to fulfill His promise.
When God Visits the Following Happen
  • He brings fruitfulness, Gen. 21:1-2, 1 Sam. 2:21.
  • Deliverance, Exo. 3:15-17, 4:31.
  • Differs manifestations of the Holy Ghost, Acts 2:19-21, Is. 29:6.
  • Supernatural provision, Ruth 1:6.
  • Judgment – He judges your enemies and blesses you, Num. 16:29
  • He sends His servants a word of promise, Lk. 7:16, Zech.10:3.
  • God’s people’s lives begin to preach the good news. You will have testimonies, Is. 2:2.
How Not to Miss God’s Visitation
  • Obedience of faith, Rom. 16:26.
  • Whole heartedly follow the Lord.
  • Believe in the strong hand of God, Ps. 66:3, Exo. 6:6.
Exo. 6:1: And Jehovah said to Moses, now you shall see what I will do to Pharaoh. For with a strong hand he shall let them go, and with a strong hand he shall drive them out of his land. 
This scripture is the fulfillment of the prophesy God gave to Joseph. God has a time table especially with visitation.
Whenever God wants to do a thing, He will give a message ahead and further repeat it for emphasis.
When you relate with God, you need to understand His timing else you will become weary and discouraged. We wrongly relate with God when we don’t understand His timing. God has an MO (Modus Operandi).
His MO is, He will make a promise and perform it. Before God does anything, He will first say it ahead of time. For us, He has said I will surely do my promise, and because He has said it He will do it.
Meditate On These:
When people don’t get a thing at the time they were supposed to get it, they will need a miracle. To miss God is a serious problem.
Missing God sometimes can cause you your life and destiny. Don’t serve God conveniently, follow Him wholeheartedly.
If you wholly follow the Lord you will never be disappointed in Jesus name.

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