Coronavirus And The Hope Of The Righteous

1 Hope Of The RighteousAGAPEN3

  • In 1720 the great plague of Marseille killed a 100,000 people
  • In 1820 the world experienced the first cholera pandemic which also killed over 100,000 people
  • In 1920 the Spanish flu infected over 500 million people and killed over 100 million people
  • And now! This is 2020, after another 100 years, Coronavirus is here


(1) God allows the world to experience plague, disease, and death every 100 years, to teach and tell the people who don’t believe in:

  • the existence of God,
  • heaven,
  • hell fire,
  • the resurrection,
  • the second coming of Jesus Christ,
  • the new Jerusalem
  • and the Marriage of Christ with his church.

From what we learned in the Scriptures, nobody can stop the destruction of this present world when the time comes

(2) It is also a reminder to inform everyone that there is an end to all activities of man in this planet Earth. Nobody who is alive today will be alive in the next 150years ( Therefore. start preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ)

(3) God allowed Coronavirus to visit this present generation and the people who claim to be the world powers so that they can go down on their knees and recognize the ultimate power of the Most High God.

(4) A righteous person is not permitted to be afraid of Coronavirus because his or her life is hidden in Christ Jesus. Even if a righteous person dies, he or she dies for gain. If a righteous person lives, he or she lives for Christ

(5) God will end Coronavirus at his own perfect timing. Because Coronavirus is one of the signs of the end time and a lesson to mankind

(6) Companies, businesses, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, entertainment centers, Churches and schools are closing down. This is all because God wants to remind us about the end of this planet and how the fire will consume this present world.

(7) Everything will pass away but the word of God and people in Christ have no end

(8) Don’t worry about Coronavirus but be worried if your name is not written in the book of life.  This because that day of judgment will be more dangerous than coronavirus.

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