Biography Of Senator Ademola Adeleke

1 Senator Ademola AdelekeAGAPENSenator Ademola Adeleke, born in 1960 in the ancient town of Enugu (a city where he spent his early years), is a foremost politician in Nigeria and also a senator who represents Osun-west district of Osun State between 2017 to 2019.
Early Life
His father, late Senator Raji Ayoola Adeleke was the Balogun of Ede land in Osun State. An astute politician and also a devout Muslim, late Raji Adeleke was a second republic senator and a major political pillar of the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), who worked alongside the late sage and premier of western Nigeria, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.
Senator Ademola Adeleke’s mother was a strong Igbo Christian simply called Mama Esther Nnenna Adeleke.
Senator Ademola Adeleke started his primary education at Methodist Primary School, Surulere Lagos before he switched to Old Oyo State and attended Nawarudeen Primary School, Ikire.
He graduated and moved on to the Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School, Ede. After completing in that school in the Old Oyo state, he proceeded to the Muslim Grammar School, Ede where he was appointed the Senior School prefect and he put up a good display to other students while in office.
After some time in Nigeria, while still schooling, he travelled to the United State of America where he furthered his educational pursuit by studying criminology at Jacksonville State University, Alabama.
Biography Of Senator AdelekeAGAPENBusiness Life
Ademola Adeleke is an administrator and a clever businessman. Before he divided into politics, he was known and regarded as the Group Executive Director at Pacific Holdings limited from about 2001 till 2016.
As the Group Executive Director, he was charged with the duty for the organization’s business expansion, strategic planning and ideas, policy formation or up bring and review. His finance and administrative skills were used in influencing some groups of people. Before he started working for Pacific Holdings Limited, Ademola Adeleke had previously worked with Quicksilver Courier Company in Atlanta, Georgia, USA while assuming the position as a Service Contractor from about the year 1985 till 1989.
He was charged with the duty and also responsible for efficient, reliable service delivery covering about and over 780 residences and big businesses. After working with Quicksilver Courier Company in Atlanta, he then proceeded to work with Origin International LLC, In Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Orgin International LLC which he worked for is a company that produces and manufactures flavours and fragrance.
He was the vice president at Origin International LLC from 1990-1994. Ademola Adeleke also worked and served as a director for 6 years in Guinness Nigeria Plc from about 1992 till 1998.
1 Senators Iyiola and Ademola AdelekeAGAPEN 2Political Journey
Senator Ademola Adeleke is a well-respected leader and community head as well as a philanthropist. His full-time engagement in political, economic and social development dates comes before his assumption of public office in the political realm having a reputation for championing and leading the interest of his past and extended community.
A member of the People’s Democratic Party, Senator Ademola Adeleke began his political career in the year 2007 alongside his late brother Senator Isiaka Adeleke. He fully went into politics when he ran for the post of Senator in the Osun West Senatorial District, he ran for the post in a bid to replace his brother Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke who died in April 2017.
In a later time, he was thereafter elected as Senator of the Osun West Senatorial district to replace his late brother Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke in July 2017 primary election. Recall that his brother died in April and he took over in July of the same year, 2017.
Ademola Adeleke’s victory and success came as a surprise and shock to the APC. This was because APC was the ruling party and they expected nothing else than a landslide victory in the primary election.
Ademola Adeleke of PDP was once a member of APC just one month before the bye-election. According to hidden sources, he had to dump APC for PDP because he suspected that he was not going to be selected as the candidate for the primary election.
Exactly on 23rd July 2018, Senator Ademola Adeleke sprung up and emerged as the winner of the bye-election and became the governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State after defeating his rivals who competed with him by slim margins of just about 7 votes.
Biography Of Senator Ademola AdelekeAGAPEN1Family Life
Senator Ademola Adeleke has three children (two sons) who are musicians by profession. They are called B-Red and Shina Rambo and a daughter, Nike Adeleke. Senator Adeleke is also the uncle to one of Nigeria’s famous and popular musician and singer, popularly called Davido. Also. Ademola Adeleke is the younger brother of the late Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke.
A unique pedigree that has given Senator Ademola Adeleke the marvelous exposure to the two religions and imbibing of religious tolerance as well has helped him escape the ethnic bigotry that has bedeviled the Nigerian political landscape.
Consistent with the Adeleke dynasty’s traits; He is a lover of humanity and an ardent crusader of the rights of the downtrodden and empowerment of Nigerian youths as a catalyst to true and sustainable economic development.

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