Tips For Staying Positive In The Midst Of COVID-19

No matter your work circumstances, here are a few basic practices to stay healthy and productive in the midst of COVID-19:
1. Remember what’s most important. While a sudden shift in your employment, even if small, can feel alarming and confusing. Be patient with yourself and those around you while adjusting, and remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to prioritize the health of you and your loved ones.
2. Practice patience. This can be a stressful time, and while you may feel frustrated, it can help to feel empowered by taking action for yourself when it comes to your job. Between all the unanswered questions, figuring out the best steps to take in your specific circumstance is the important part. Have patience with yourself, your employer and those around you while we all figure out what’s best.
3. Stay healthy. One of the most important aspects of staying healthy is reducing stress. Take time to focus on your mental and physical state by taking small actions such as going for a walk, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. Doing so will help you focus at work or set you up for success when finding new work.

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