It Is Good To Always Repay Good With Good

It Is Good To Always Repay Good With GoodAGAPENOnce upon a time, in the animal kingdom, there was terrible hunger in the land. The Lion, the acclaimed king of the jungle,  was killing other animals for food. Life was becoming unbearable for other animals and they were sore afraid they might go into extinction.  Unfortunately, no animal could confront the lion.

One day, the animal came together and devised a means to put the Lion in a cage. They tricked the lion by putting a dead animal inside a big cage. Unknown to the lion, he went in to take the game and the gate was shut behind it. The lion stayed in the cage for weeks without food or drink. He was ferociously hungry and desperate to come out.

One afternoon, a young boy was passing by the cage. The Lion, seeing the boy, pleaded with him to come to its rescue. At first, the boy refused. But after much persuasion, he became compassionate and agreed to free the lion on one condition: that the lion will not kill him upon its release. Out of desperation, the lion agreed and the boy opened the cage.

As soon as it came out, the lion thanked the boy but pleaded with him further to complete the good work he had started. The boy, now jittery, asked it what it wanted more. The lion said it was hungry and could not hunt for games as it was almost dying. Therefore it will be a good idea if the boy can be its lunch.  Reminding the lion of their agreement, the boy furiously shouted, “Why do you want to repay a good thing with a bad thing?”

The Lion replied, saying: “In the present world, bad things are used to repay good things. Good deeds are repaid with evil”.

After a very long debate, they both decided to ask three animals to confirm whether it is good to repay good deed with evil and whether it is permissible to repay evil deed with good. They both agreed that if all the three animals conclude that bad things were supposed to be used to repay good things, the lion should eat the boy and if otherwise, the boy should be free to go.

The first animal they met was the goat. After explaining the whole scenario, the goat said, “It is true that bad things are used to repay good things. I am a living example. My dung is used as manure for farming but when the crops are harvested, I am NEVER allowed to taste what my body waste produced. Human beings always pursue and prevent me from tasting any part of the product from my dung”

The Lion turned to the boy and said, “1:0.”

Then they net dog. The dog, in its judgment,  said, “Bad things are used to repay good things. Everybody knows that I go into the bush for hunting. I assist faithfully to kill an animal and when it is time for that same animal to be eaten, all I get as reward are bones. Besides, at night while others sleep I stay awake keeping watch and even used oftentimes as a sacrificial lamb for the thief’s bullet.”

Again, the Lion turned to the boy and said, 2:0 “One more chance.”

The third and last animal they met was the tortoise. After explaining the imbroglio to the tortoise, the cunny animal said: “Before I give you my response, I need to know how this argument started. Therefore, we have to go to where it all started.”

The trio went to where the argument began and the boy, anxiously, pointed to the cage

Then, the tortoise asked the boy: “Where was the Lion the first time you met him?”

“the lion was in the cage,” the boy responded”

The tortoise turned to the lion and respectfully asked: ”Sir, where were you when the boy came?”

”In the cage”! Lion retorted angrily

“Can you please go into the cage so that I can get the true picture of the exact situation of thing”? Tortoise told the Lion.

Lion entered the cage. When it has gone to the exact place he was, the tortoise asked the boy:

“Was the cage open or locked at that time you got here?” “It was locked”, the boy, now frightened, answered

Then Tortoise asked the boy to put the lock exactly it was when he got there for it to get the accurate picture. The boy locked the gate. After the gate was locked, the tortoise congratulated the boy and said:

“Let’s go. There is nothing more to say.”


Always seek to hear a story from its start off point before commenting or passing judgment. The two other witnesses were not wrong from their point of view, they are grieving based on what has been meted out to them. However, they but judged wrongly in the boy’s case.

Let us also be careful of the narratives if we are not the ones involved in a particular situation, it is the same sun that melts ice or wax that hardens the clay.

More importantly, it is good to always repay good with good and not with evil.

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