Why I Married My Husband-Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu, First Lady of Ondo State

1 1 Governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu SAN3“I met my husband in Enugu. He was a youth corper then in Enugu. I was also working in Enugu. So a friend of mine visited me and she came along with her boyfriend who also came along with my husband. That was how we met and it was love at first sight. I think people frown at love at first sight but it worked for us.

Wife Of Ondo State Governor, Betty Akeredolu9

“I fell in love with his broad shoulders. Then he was really looking very cute. I can still remember what he was wearing that day – a red shirt, long sleeves and jeans trousers. That was 37 years ago. He couldn’t even take me out because he didn’t have money as a youth corper. It was quite magnetic and that was it.

Wife Of Ondo State Governor, Betty Akeredolu32“There is a 3-year age difference between us. I am older than him anyway. I was like 25 then while he was 22. It was love that really endured. I had graduated, and in my place (Owerri), when a girl graduates from university suitors come from left, right and centre. And your parents would expect you to go for a made man with everything, but I have always known that there was no way I could have married a self-made man. I will better build a home from scratch with you because I want to have a say in my home”

Mrs Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu
First Lady of Ondo State

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