Pastor W F Kumuyi Declares Coronavirus Will Not Catch You

The general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W F Kumuyi has declared that coronavirus will not catch you in Jesus name. The highly respected clergy made the prophetic declaration in a message delivered to the leaders of the church under powerful anointing from the church headquarters, Gbagada Lagos.
The programme was transmitted via satellite to other leaders outside Lagos on the topic: Healing: The prominent Gift in New Testament Leadership.
Pastor W F Kumuyi took his text from Mark 16:15-20 and declared passionately that healing is a common phenomenon in the New Testament dispensation. He further sub divided the message into three parts as his usual way of preaching fix:
Point one: The prominence of healing with commissioned ministers
Point two: The possibility of hindered healing in common members
Point three: The preservation of health with consistent maintenance
Pastor W F Kumuyi expanded on the message from Matthew chapter ten where Christ commissioned His disciples and gave them power over unclean spirits and to heal all sicknesses (coronavirus included for the believers today). He then highlighted on the reasons for sicknesses and diseases using the word LEADERSHIP
E- Egyptian entanglement
A- Anger
E- Excessive evil
R- Recklessness
S- Sin/s
H- Hypocrisy
I- Immorality
and P- Pride.
Finally, he gave a prescription to maintain our health by using the same word LEADERSHIP
L= liberality– Isaiah 58:6-8
E= eating well– Acts 27:33-34
A= acknowledgement- Proverbs 3:5-8
D= dedication– Exodus 23:25-26
E= exercise– 1Timothy 4:8
R= resting– Phil 2:5
S= spirituality– 3John 2
H= holiness– 2Kings 20:1-6
I= intercession– Job 42:10
P= peace– Jeremiah 33:6, Proverbs 17:22
He then concludes by declaring Psalm 91 and prayed corona virus will not catch you in Jesus name. I say a big amen for myself, family members and friends.
The video is available on this link below.

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