The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says Ayodele Fayose, governor of Ekiti state, needs proper guidance on behaviour.
The party, which accused him of dabbling into its affairs, advised Fayose to understudy Olusegun Mimiko, his Ondo state counterpart, in order to have good conduct.
Wale Oladipo, national secretary of the PDP, said this in Abuja on Saturday while reacting to the reports of the planned south-west zonal congress, against the decision of the party.
Oladipo had announced cancellation of the congress on Friday, citing an order of the federal high court in Lagos as the reason for the action.
However, he said Fayose, whom he alleged of causing confusion, was encouraging members of the party to disregard the order.
“Governor Fayose is not a member of the national working committee of the PDP, but he’s causing confusion with his utterances,” he said.
“We are not dabbling into his government and he has no right to tell us how to run the party here. We have an order of the court stopping the congress. The governor cannot overrule the court.
“He should behave like other governors who do not dabble into the running of the party at the national level. He should learn from Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State who respect the party and the president of the country.
“The order of the court was even published in three national dailies and therefore, he can’t deny he was not aware. Our national legal adviser who is the chief legal adviser of the party, Mr. Victor Kwon, has advised that we comply with the order and we are complying with it. We are not above the law of the land.
“Those who want to claim they want to organise any conference are doing that on their own, not on behalf of the party. Whatever comes out of it would be null and void because we are not monitoring it.”

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