12376781_235186013492043_226580151083035013_nThe Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja 11, has said that the historic Ark of Noah and the Tower of Babel are still in ancient town of Ile-Ife.
He said this during the official declaration of Ile-Ife as a tourism zone in his palace on Saturday.
He said, “The Ark of Noah which the entire world has been searching for is in Ie-Ife. The Ark of Noah has been in existence and it is in Ife land.”
The monarch who said that traditional culture has been going into extinction, called on Africans to come together and salvage the culture.
He maintained that the whole land of Ife is full of mystery, saying “we want to bring out the mysteries for the whole world to see.
The monarch who also stressed that the whole world is gravitating into Yoruba culture, expressed dissatisfaction over the neglect of the culture saying “we the custodian of culture does not value it.
“The bottom line is that everything started in Africa and it has been established by researches and historian. Wherever in Africa the origin of man started, it’s our general asset. We have to take the continent
out of the poverty that we are.
The Ooni urged the African-Americans to visit Ile Ife to discover their root just as he called on the entire world to explore the tourism potentials of the ancient town.
“We want to bring out the mysteries for the whole world to see. God thrives on mystery and every inch of Ile Ife- the land of expansion- is full of mystery. God has blessed us with some mysteries and we need
to bless the world with those mysteries.ooni-during-the-declaration-of-ife-as-tourism-zone

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  1. This IS what Ooni must be using to glorify God: “GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST: PEACE BE UNTO THE WHOLE WORLD; GOOD WISHES TO ALL MANKIND, GOD ALMIGHTY THANK YOU” -One voice of the Angels of God. Heavens and Earth Compliance


  2. The purpose is right, the means wrong! May be he is using the only language the ‘world’ would understand since nobody knows what Oodua, Olokun ati bee bee lo is, but saying that the Arc is in Ile-Ife is preposterous! E ma binu baba! I know in ancient times nobody would dare to say that to an Ooni, sugbon, in ancient times awon Ooni won’t pose for a picture and expose him self in every possible occasion. Ife’s got more assets that this fake arch or whatever the Bible says. The Ooni wasn’t crowned in the name of David, Salomon or Jehova! but in the name and for the sake of OODUA ATENWONRO, OLOFIN AKOKO!


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