Evangelist Bamidele Olomilua, former Governor of the old Ondo State and a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, in this interview spoke extensively on many topical and controversial issues including the formation of the APC and its presidential election victory, President Mummadu Buhari’s approach to governance, rule of law, anti-corruption crusade, the economy and the attitude of Governor Ayo Fayose.

Do you think Gov. Ayodele Fayose’s consistent criticism of President Muhammadu Buhari is right?

On the contrary, we respect elders in Yorubaland. It is in other places that some people think that all animals are equal, whereas in actual fact, not all animals are equal.

In politics a young man can stand up to raise an issue, but I personally think that it is not right to abuse the President or to insult him.

You are insulting the whole nation, when you are insulting the president, or when you are abusing him, you are abusing the whole range of people who believe in him and put him there.

I don’t think it is right for any governor or anybody at all to abuse the country and abuse the president.

You can make suggestion to him as to what you think should be done in certain areas, but nobody, either culturally and whichever consideration you put it, should abuse the President.

But we must respect those in higher authority, even if it is your opponent, you must try to respect and accommodate them. I don’t think it is right to abuse or make negative remarks about a well know leader. I don’t think it is proper.

Governor Fayose has been raising alarm for some time now that President Buhari is planning to use the outcome of the Military probe into the alleged partisanship of its officers in Ekiti 2014 governorship election to unseat him, do you think this fear has basis?

I learnt that the military disciplined their men as regard some misdemeanour, which means they must have got certain facts.

The only thing I feel is that if the Federal Government feels that the election had been wrongly interpreted to bring the wrong man here, they would start with the Independent National Electoral Commission, if INEC now admit that they use terrorism or oppression of somebody to declare the wrong candidate.

Or if they found a fault in the process, intimidation, oppression, can that be used as a basis for removing the Governor, would that be sufficient reason for removing him. Because he says they are threatening to remove him.

How are they going to remove him? Who will make pronouncement for his removal? Is it the court, the Federal Government or INEC? The fear of the Governor, would definitely create an atmosphere of fear for all the members of his Government.

I think his fear is unfounded.

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