Metuh-1An All Progressive Congress (APC) chieftain in Bauchi, Alhaji Shuia’abu Ahmed, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to adopt the Chinese government’s legal approach in dealing with corruption cases.

Ahmed told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Bauchi on Sunday that corrupt government officials were worse than armed robbers and should therefore, be subjected to firing squad if found guilty as it was being done by the China.

“I am happy that some members of the National Assembly are in support of introducing firing squad for looters of public funds and I am a strong supporter of Nigerians who are in support of the Chinese system.

“Nigerians learn by experience and if those found to be corrupt are executed, the level of corruption would automatically drop, but if offenders are given leniency, the level of corruption will continue to rise”, he said.

He dismissed critics of Buhari’s fight against corruption, saying that they were corrupt persons playing diversionary tactics to cover their bad deeds.

According to Ahmed, fraudulent persons will always evolve ways of diverting the attention of crusaders from the main course, but if you check deep down, they have something to hide.

He described corruption as “deadly” and could affect generations to come.
He said that Buhari was a courageous leader, and urged national assembly to review the laws on corruption and establish a special court to handle corruption offences.

“Buhari will not last forever, but enacting laws and establishing special courts will deter any president coming after him from legalising corruption as done during the last administration in the country,” he stressed.

On insurgency, Ahmed advised critics of the present administration to have a rethink as the government had done well on the issue.

“Within the short period Buhari has spent in office, even his own enemies will say that he has performed well and peace is returning to the country.

“The people of the North-East were almost facing extinction and if it situation then had continued, the states in the region would have been ruined by now,” he said.

Nduka-Obaigbena-efcc (2)Ahmed called for the reconstruction of communities destroyed by the insurgents.
He suggested that Federal Government should introduce deliberate economic policies for the North-East to revamp the economy of the place and enable the people to rehabilitate themselves.

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