The on going verification of the Niger State workforce has revealed  that government is paying top government functionaries double salary and the salary of junior officials are inflated to divert government fund.

A messenger at the Ministry of Finance earns ₦265,000 monthly while a cleaner at General Hospital Minna earns ₦375,000 monthly.

It was learnt from sources close to the verification firm, Sally Tibbot Consultants that no fewer than three permanent secretaries in Niger State civil service earned over ₦1.3 million monthly.

It was revealed that ordinarily the salary of a permanent secretary should be between ₦400,000 and ₦500, 000 but the said permanent secretaries because of their professional background earn another salaries as consultants to another government agency bringing their monthly earnings to ₦1.3 million.

The source revealed that “ the irony is that some of the said permanent secretaries were members of the committee set up by the government to guide the consultants in the ongoing verification exercise.”

Similarly investigation also revealed that a messenger earns ₦265,000 in Ministry of Finance and a cleaner also earns ₦375,000 in General Hospital Minna whereas they are supposed to earn less than ₦30,000 each monthly.

In the same vein at the Veterinary Department in the Ministry of Agriculture a man who took cows for grazing earns accelerated salary scale of ₦375,000 while originally his salary is only ₦23,000 monthly.

It was gathered that when the junior staff were confronted they denied collecting the said money rather it was discovered that their names were being used by top government officials to divert the said amount even as they collect their actual salary at the end of the month.

Consequently a ring of top officials who ran the scam with the names of the junior officials were being unveiled by the consultants and it has started sending fears to some officials in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in Niger State who are now running for cover.

The leader of the consultancy firm (Sally Tibbot Consultant) conducting the verification exercise Sa’adatu Bakrin-Ottun Sally in an interview confirmed that the Permanent Secretaries earned salaries from their profession as well as their present status.

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