A former Federal Commissioner of Information, Chief Edwin Clark, has once again canvassed support for President Muhamadu Buhari. He described the President as being capable of leading the country; therefore, he should be supported by all Nigerians.

Clark, who was one of the staunch supporters of former President Goodluck Jonathan, spoke in Abuja on Wednesday at his residence when he received a group, known as Probity Ambassadors Organisation of Nigeria. He said though he was among those who campaigned against the emergence of the President during the election, Clark said since Nigerians voted for him (Buhari), the President must be supported in order to enable him succeed in the task ahead.

“Definitely, he will bring development to the country. He has to satisfy the yearnings of all Nigerians, including those who voted for him and those that voted against him.  We all own Mr. President and no one section owns him. We all want a Nigeria where everybody believes that we are one. Without the minority or the majority, no group can succeed,” the Ijaw leader stated.

Clark said, “I have congratulated President Buhari and today, he is our President. He’s not the President of a section of the country.

“Buhari is fit for the job and he’s capable of leading us. We will support him. Campaigns are over and a winner has emerged. We must come together after the election and give our support to the President. The loser of the election, who had all the powers to do and undo, came out to congratulate the President. That action of the former President is the best thing that has happened in this country.”

He said that former President Jonathan took that action of congratulating President Buhari because of his love for the country. “You can only be the President of the country when it is intact. All of us must join hands together to support President Buhari,” he added.

He asked those who might not agree with the President to wait until 2019, when elections would be held again. He said, “This is when there will be another opportunity for election. “Then Nigerians would determine if the President has done well or not. Democracy has come to stay in the country.”

He asked Nigerians to learn from the attitude exhibited by the people of the United Kingdom, who he said had forgotten about their last election which was held in May. Clark said, “Members of both the Conservatives and the Labour Party are living together in peace now as if nothing had happened.”

He also said that those who thought he would die because his party, the Peoples Democratic Party and former President Jonathan lost the election, were short-sighted. He said that as an elder statesman, he was bound to support whoever wins the election to lead the nation.

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