Members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are in a state of alarm over an alleged unlawful conspiracy initiated by members of the All Progressive Congress (APC), to remove Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose from office.  Fayose who has been in a continuous clash with members of the State House of Assembly acquired an authorized court order that barred the members from beginning the impeachment process.

The Acting Chairman of the PDP, Uche Secondus,  while addressing a group of elected lawmakers at a party gathering in Port Harcourt yesterday, stated “that the Ekiti lawmakers “are presently camped at a location in Osun in preparation to be moved to Ekiti.”

“We call on President Buhari to intervene. As a Party, we will not sit down and watch democracy being derailed. We have been working on deepening democracy for the past 16 years. We must continue to deepen it and I call on you to deepen democracy.”  Secondus said.

The APC legislators believe  Fayose is unfit to remain as the state governor. The Ekiti House of Assembly APC members opined they must impeach and remove him from office or remain disgraced in perpetuity. They submitted that Ayo Fayose has, since his inglorious return as governor, violated every aspect of the Nigerian constitution and tenets of democracy. Ayo Fayose has been accused of beating a judge with a bunch of thugs. His agents also desecrated a court’s premises and property through vandalism.


It was generally believe that Fayose is primarily responsible for literally inventing illegality. He used 7 of 25 legislators to “elect” a speaker. Not done, he locked out the state legislature; he violated every financial appropriation laws of the land; he demolished businesses of his political opponents; he has made open threats and followed up with violent actions against his political opponents; he has been accused of various heinous crimes in times past.

Political watchers believe for him and PDP to now want president Buhari, whom he ridiculed and taunted with having terminal illnesses causing him to wear diapers, to save him from his self inflicted political and legal injuries reeks of shamelessness and cowardice. They have consistently argued that he  is unfit to be a governor and that  if these legislators do not kick him out of office, they will have left the good citizens of Ekiti State and the entire Nigerians with a hooligan in an exalted office.

Ayo Fayose , political watchers believe, should be impeached in order to cleanse Ekiti State,of thuggery,killings,chaos. Fayose must be paid back from his bad coins. They further asserted that Ayo Fayose used former president Jonathan presidency power to derail democracy in Ekiti State. They finally submitted that  with president Muhammadu Buhari now in power and with the devastating of evil campaign by Ayo Fayose against president Buhari during the presidential campaigns, especially with his wishing General Muhammadu Buhari untimely death, it will be difficult for him to open any communication link with the people’s  president.

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